The Magician's Toolkit

The Magician's Toolkit

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The magician's toolkit is a amazing plug-in for word press available in the market which can help you to generate amazing traffic, genuine visitors and great revenue. It is a word press plug-in with templates that helps you in list building. It will surely take your list building through the roof. The product has all the information that you need to start using facebook as list building traffic titan.

It also comes with a main guide which shows many campaigns and squeeze pages so you can get started immediately with building a amazing monster list. It also comes with effective tools that can take your list building through the roof. In this package the users get a very special plug-in called FB Outbreak Plug-in which pulls the email address that is attached to a person's facebook account and connects it with your list. With the help of this plug-in you can connect any list on any of your auto responder accounts and create and email sign up link and then redirect them to the page of your choice. With the help of this plug-in you can see your subscribers info and pictures from your FB Outbreak Dashboard. This plug-in has already been used by hundreds of internet marketers around the world and they have only given positive reviews so far. This product is not only value for money and user friendly but also very effective which can help you in changing your revenue for the better.


The Magician's Toolkit supports many auto responders like Aweber, Getresponse, Constant contact, icontacts and mailchimp.

The Magician's Toolkit comes along with many freebies like my “Magic Sqeeze Page”, 2 hours live meeting with the author on”Hocus Pocus email Marketing Matermind”.

All this offers and features makes it extremely value for money and it should surely be one of the best packages available in the market

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WSO Knockdown - Create Killer WSOs Warrior Special Offers

WSO Knockdown is a step by step guide to create amazing WSO's and create instant traffic, instant leads and sales with WSO's. With the hep of this product you can create your own product whip up a WSO and start earning amazing revenue through it. This package contains deadly and very effective WSO tactics that will increase your bank balance forever. It will take the users by the hand from the beginning and introduce you to everything you need to make your first product for trial, even profit. Whatever your level of online knowledge, you can use this system to rake in fresh cash into your PayPal account. You'll discover what it takes to start your own successful WSO and the mechanisms you need to put in place and the order they should come in. In this module you'll learn how to create your own video course. It will also cover the types of video courses you can create, when one is more appropriate than the other and how to go about recording your own videos. The package will show you how to write sales letters that sell everything from your thread title, your post title, your introduction, the benefits of your product and much more. It has a 8 modules overall and covers many different topics which will surely make you a master at this task and that is the reason over 2000 internet marketers have used this product and have experienced the benefits. It has only received positive reviews so far and is definitely value for money.


WSO Knockdown comes with 8 different modules which covers a wide array of topics which is a very good deal.

WSO Knockdown is very affordable and easy to understand and will surely help you to generate instatnt traffic, great sales and amazing revenue.

WSO Knockdown is very easy to understand and imply and it will surely change your income like you could have never imagined before.

Covert Social Content Lite

Covert Social Content Lite is a powerful new SEO software that will automatically build high quality Wiki backlinks for you.Covert Social Content is a very effective and mind-blowing plug-in that has already created ripples in the market. This plug-in autoblogs and grabs content from different sites and that is the most amazing feature of this plug-in. Covert Social Content Lite will let you autoblog from 10 keywords. And have 5 live campaigns in each module at any time. And you will be able to have 5 extra live campaigns for each new content module you get with your free lifetime updates. This product has been used by more than 3000 users around the world and they have experienced the difference first hand and that is the testimonial of this product which is so beneficial.The product has only recieved positive reviews so far and is surely value for money plug-in. The plug-in is very effective and will guarantee you successful results and will boost your traffic and income and manifold.



The Covert Social Content Lite autoblogging plugin comes with this plug-in.

The Covert Social Content Lite also comes with Google news content module and RSS feed content module.

The Covert Social Content Lite also comes with Google blog search content module and it has still many more modules to come.

The Covert Social Content Lite also comes with multi-site and site flipping license.

The Covert Social Content Lite will also provide you with lifetime free updates.

The product is relatively new in the market and you can have a edge in the market by using this product and relishing its benefit before your competitors use it.

All this offers and features makes this a very tempting and value for money package and it is surely a steal for internet marketers.

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In Starter Pack-

In starter pack is a complete step by step guide combining 9 best selling products to start your internet marketing business and start earning amazing income very quickly. The package contains 9 products starting from ebook format on quick word press websites for beginners,

The report is broken up into seven pieces that you can do all at once or over the course of seven days. There is no reason why you can't go from complete beginner to website owner in a very short time. Then comes the other products like “100 top wordpress plug-ins” where you will discover the Top 100 must have wordpress plugins to transform your site into a profitable money making site. Then there is a guide on internet marketing mechanics where you will

discover The Nuts & Bolts of Internet Marketing Without All The Technical Jargon. Then comes the e-books on email marketing books and search engine optimization strategies. This product is hot selling in the market and is worth the every penny you pay for it. Thousands of people using this product is a testimonial to how good and effective the product is.


In Starter Pack also provides you with spinner pro software suite which is a very value for money package.

In Starter Pack includes a step by step guide on understanding social media marketing, email marketing secrets, SEO strategies, list landslide, PLR 6 pack all with complete private label rights which is a steal.

In Starter Pack also comes with guides on quick wordpress sites for beginners and 100 top wordpress plug-ins all with complete private label rights.

In Starter Pack is very affordable for the package it provides and it is a must have if you want to develop yourself as a internet marketer and start earning heavy income.

OTO WP Exit Window

OTO WP Exit Window is a very effective plug-in which will solve your adsense commission problems and will triple your adsense earnings on autopilot. It is a amazing plug-in that will double your blog profits and add hundreds of new list members every day. This new SEO friendly WordPress Exit Plugin will allow you to automatically redirect your blogs visitors to any web page, affiliate offer or squeeze page you want. The plug-in is designed to be friendly and it will not redirect your blog's visitors until they have finished looking at your blog and are ready to move on. You can easily install and download the plug-in upload it into your blogs plug-in section and activate it. Than you can add upto 5 exit url in the exit window toolbar. This plug-in is selling like crazy in the market and has always received positive reviews so far.

It is user friendly and is worth the every penny you pay for it.


WP Exit Window will help you to generate massive targeted traffic like you had never seen it before.

WP Exit Window has the ability to build redirect a visitor with minimal effort and time .

WP Exit Window has a variety of URL's to minimize posting footprint for enhanced results.

WP Exit Window is easy to install and provides responsive support.

WP Exit Window provides you with speed in implementation.

WP Exit Window enables quickly build passive income using this plug-in.

With the help of WP Exit Window there is no need to edit source code for WordPress sites to implement.

WP Exit Window is one of the best, effective and affordable plug-ins available in the market and is definitely a steal for the features and offers it provides and also using this plug-in will surely boost your traffic and income.

The WP ViralUnlimited Plugin;

Now with the help of WP Viral Unlimited plug-in you will be able to earn instant and healthy commissions from your wordpress blog that also on complete auto-pilot. WP Viral Unlimited plug-in adds on instant commission photo ad to the beginning or end of every blog post you make, on complete autopilot. When your readers click on the ads and make purchases, you will earn between 50%-100% instant commissions, paid directly to your PayPal account. This is a amazing feature of the WP Viral plug-in which will instantly boost your income like you could have never imagined before and thats the reason many internet marketers are using this plug-in. It has received positive reviews worldwide and that is the testimonial to how good the product is. It will provide you with guaranteed results and instant commissions. It is also a relatively new product in the market and you get a chance to have a edge over others by using and experiencing its benefits first hand before your competitors you use it and move ahead.


The WP Viral Unlimited plug-in is very user friendly and easy to understand.

The WP Viral Unlimited plug-in will enable you to boost your income through instant commissions through autopilot.

The WP Viral Unlimited plug-in is one of the best effective plug-ins available in the market and it is very affordable too.

The WP Viral Unlimited plug-in is a steal for the various features it provides.

The WP Viral Unlimited plug-in also comes along with full master resale rights and give away rights, which means you can do whatever you want with this plug-in like using it on unlimited number of wordpress sites of your own or clients or selling it to any one and make profits.

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Automated List Profits

Automated list profits is a product used by smart marketer all around the world. With the help of automated list profits you get instant access to everything you need to build a mega targeted and hugely profitable email lists. Automated list profit is the real insider secret which most big names in the internet market uses it today. Every month Automated List Profits insiders get to 2 brand new reports, each report comes with it's own killer squeeze page designed to convert even casual visitors into fresh leads,You'll also get keyword and affiliate research to make that step between great content and profits that much easier. To save even more time, you will also get 7 expertly written, copy/paste email follow ups for each report written by top writers and guaranteed to keep your new readers entertained, engaged (and buying).The reports come with full private label rights so you can brand them as your own and give them away (or sell them, combine them, chop them up and edit them) to build up your lists and engage with your new readers. This is a fantastic product which offers value for money and has received positive reviews worldwide which is also a testimonial for how good the product is.


Automated list profits comes with full private label rights which makes it a even more great deal to buy.

Automated list profits comes with 2 brand new reports every month which is a good deal.

Automated list profits also comes with 7 expertly written, copy/paste email follow ups for each report written by top writers and guaranteed to keep your new readers entertained, engaged and buying.

Automated list profits is very user friendly, effective and affordable product available in the market and is surely a steal for internet marketers for the features and freebies it provides.

Pirate Special - 10 Membership Sites Done For You!

Membership Pirate Special is a package only blind ones can ignore. It is a amazing package where you get 10 ready made done for you websites through which you can instantly start earning amazing income. You will be able to discover how to save thousands of dollars, save a year's hard slog and still get all the desired benefits of owning a network of 10 profit pulling membership sites. In addition to the membership fees and upgrades payments that'll soon be heading your way, you'll also get extra cash from the affiliate promotions regularly sent to members for you. You an have your own name on each site, have ads running on your site, set logout links to your own sites along with complete ready marketing pack. For each site you'll receive - 2 squeeze page systems (use these to capture leads before providing memberships) There's a long form squeeze page and a highly optimized hybrid version that's been tested with some pretty amazing results. Also included is a collection of articles, blog posts, banner ads, tweets, keyword research and thank you page bonus graphics This is all you need to drive thousands of people into your sites. This package ha become a rage in the market and through this you will be able to start earning health income like you had never imagined before.


Membership pirate special provides you with 10 ready to use and done for use income generating website.

For each site you also get advertising banners, promotional articles, auto responder emails, copy/paste tweets, sqeeze page template, set-up training videos and extra graphics pack.

Membership pirate special also comes with reseller and private label rights.

Membership pirate special also comes with marketing and promotional kit and ideas.

Membership pirate special is a fast and profitable solution for any serious internet marketer and is a steal for the features and the product it provides.